We help BMX Riders have fun on trips & travels through a specialized BMX travel agency so that they don't have to worry about planning.

We know it sucks when you have to organize a trip for the whole team, club or just for yourself. So, we will do it for you!

What We Do

We are based in Alicante, Spain. And we will help you organize the best off-season training camps so that you have an unfair advantage when the season starts. Alicante has great weather during winter and it is the place where many pros from all over Europe train during the winter off-season.

You can check all the info here.

BMX Travel - Visit Alicante
BMX Travel- Organiza Tus Viajes

As BMXers, we travel a lot to every race. But, looking for hotels to stay is boring as hell! That's why we have you covered!

If you're racing in Spain, we have a list of the best deals for every race here.

If you're racing elsewhere, just send us a WhatsApp, we will figure it all out for you and give you the best price.

Meet the Team


Pablo Sánchez, BMXer & Marketing

Luz BMX Travel

Luz Fernandez, Travel Creator


Raúl Sánchez, BMXer & Trip Support

Our Amazing Parters

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